Gear List

Toft Audio 24ATB Recording Console

UAD Apollo 16 Interface

2x UA Twin-Finity 710 Preamps

Lindell 17XS MkII Compressor/Limiter

Lindell 18XS MkII Channel Strip

Warm Audio WA2A Limiting Amplifier

​ART Pro VLA Stereo Tube Compressor​

Adams A7X Studio Monitors

Mackie 10s Mk3 Subwoofer

Mackie HR824 Reference Monitors

Assortment of Microphones


The studio space centres around a Toft Audio 24ATB console that delivers stunning analog warmth.  This is captured in the digital domain through UAD Apollo 16 converters and a Steinberg software suite. Adams A7X monitors keep the mix honest and outboard gear provides even more analog feel. A great selection of guitars and amps are also available.